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We represent the brands and manufacturers of premium products intended for travel, outdoor and cycling.

We are a family business focusing on the import and sale of premium and especially innovative products for active recreation for the whole family. Sport and above all the bicycle has also become our lifestyle, and in our portfolio you can find a car accessories, lifestyle, and children's sports products  that in today's age of consumerism and the excess of everything, are "about something else", but all the same time a timeless and innovative.​

As an importer and distributor, we guarantee the origin of the goods,
warranty and post-warranty service and access to spare parts
and original, useful accessories.

We are expanding thanks to you.

We provide direct sales to end customers through this e-shop, as well as distribution of goods to partner stores and companies for end sales (wholesale). In recent years, more and more customers in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland appreciate our services. We do not operate a brick-and-mortar retail store, but personal collection of goods from our warehouse in Humenno is possible upon prior agreement. If you are a trader, a company, a seller of bicycles and bicycle accessories or a car accessories business, contact us for cooperation..

Since the summer of 2013, we have been an importer of a top American brand and a leader in the segment of bicycle trainers, bicycle carriers and original products for the development of bicycle infrastructure SARIS.

Success begins the following year, when we are one of the first companies to come to our market with an offer of unique children's bicycle seats from the then US manufacturer WEERIDE. With the principle of "ride and not just be driven", parents and active cyclists with small children immediately appreciate the ability of absolute interaction with the child, which is actually the biggest advantage of front bicycle seats today.

We provide direct sales to end customers through the e-shop, as well as distribution of goods to partner stores and companies for end sales (wholesale). Large and small stores, retail network Exisport, InSportline in the Czech Republic, important e-commerce companies operating on our market become partners.

With the intention of bringing innovative products for active recreation and travel, we are expanding our offer this year and are exclusively bringing TOWBOX. car boxes to Slovakia. As an alternative to the roof box, the Towbox is a much more practical solution, whether for transporting luggage or four-legged pets, and with the growing number of larger family cars, it finds more and more new owners every year.

With the advent of alternative transport and, paradoxically, thanks to the negative effects of the covid pandemic, interest in cycling in society grew into the need to keep the body in shape even during the winter months. Our offer is expanded by the top American trainer manufacturer and the leader in the segment, the SARIS company, thanks to which indoor training with a bicycle trainer has become everything you can imagine today.

AxiSki becomes a new and exciting product and fun for the whole family in the winter of 2020/2021. We import and represent Axiski exclusively for the markets of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The best-selling snowboard in the USA (but we also like the name "Ski bord"...) is a great idea of ​​a young company from the UK, which breaks down the barriers of classic sledding, bringing a  joy to people of all ages.


Unique travel cases in robust processing suitable for multi-sport use, here is the Sportube. Since its launch, Sportube has been expanding equipment for the ski industry, and their travel hard cases have also found owners with industries such as diving, fishing, hunting, sailing, fencing, water skiing and more due to their versatility.

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+421 948 520 509


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Osloboditeľov 1577/6

066 01 Humenné, Slovakia

Company reg.: 44700792

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VAT reg.: SK1081141457

Registered at Council registration office, Humenné, reistry number 720-16036

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Name of Bank: Slovenská Sporiteľňa a.s.

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Dohľad vykonáva SOI Prešov, Obrancov mieru 6, 080 01 Prešov 1, Odbor technickej kontroly výrobkov a ochrany spotrebiteľa, Tel. č.: 051/ 7721 597, Fax. č.: 051/ 7721 596, e-mail: pr@soi.sk

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