See what the Towbox looks like attached to your car.

See what the Towbox looks like attached to your car.

Would you like to see how a TowBox luggage rack looks with your car or van before you buy it? Would you wish to know in advance whether a TowBox EVO or a TowBox V3 matches your vehicle better? Now you can. Enganches Aragón has launched an augmented reality project that allows all our customers to see the TowBox with their car or van as if it were real. Through an augmented reality project and from the APP Enganches Aragón, you just have to follow a few simple steps that we show you in this video.

If you have an iOS,phone you can follow the instructions here. If your phone is Android, you can do it at this other odkaze. By clicking on this website it is possible to see the different models in detail from your computer or mobile phone.

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality maintains the user's physical visual field and adds virtual elements. In this case, it adds our TowBox luggage carrier. Through our mobile phone, we just augment the information we have of the world.

The web application allows a free interactive augmented reality experience, thanks to which the user can observe the chosen TowBox model on a 1:1 scale from any point of view he can reach with the mobile device.

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