durable, functional, simple

VELOSOCK is a pioneer of solutions for storing and transporting bicycles with unrivaled design and quality. The company is based and manufactured in Latvia, and is inspired by their Nordic heritage stemming from a deep cycling culture. The mission is to protect cyclists' most valuable asset – the bicycle, in the most efficient way while maintaining 3 priorities: robustness, functionality and simplicity.

Transport your bike like a PRO


Stretch material=less problems

Our stretchy material ensures that you will never have to adjust your seat height with our covers. Adjust once, use always.


Since various Car Rack manufacturers have different fixation points so does our covers.Our Bicycle Covers have 14 heavy-duty zippers that make them compatible with almost any car rack.



bike covers for transport and storage


Our motivation stems from our shared passion for transforming the cycling world, and we understand that this is a team effort. We are assembling a community of cyclists who resonate with our mission to elevate the cycling experience while showing respect for our bikes and the environments we ride in.

Together, we ride, we protect, we respect.

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