In times of massive departure of brands from the bicycle industry to assembly workshops in Asia, we at Capri bikes are looking for a new wind and beginnings. We work with the same producers who stood at the birth and brought the first quality bicycles to the world. Like their forefathers, these bicycle component manufacturers pass on love and dedication from generation to generation, resulting in honest and beautiful bikes.

Can electric bikes help keep romance alive?

Capri bikes present a new concept to the city: a minimalist yet classic look of an electric bike, which is produced in amazing colors. With an autonomous range of up to 40 km, which is taken care of by an elegant battery in the shape of a retro bottle.


Brand and its values

Made in Europe. Capri city bikes represent a new standard of electrified cycling that brings the style and elegance of the French seventies to the streets. Capri bikes are designed from scratch in Spain and manufactured in Italy and Portugal since 2010.


With more than 25,000 bikes sold in 30 countries, we are a manufacturer with a solid structure and capacity that allows us to work with prestigious brands and component suppliers from all over the world. The result is an electric bicycle with the latest technologies and at the best price.

Invisible battery

36v 7.0 Ah and 40 km of autonomous range in an inconspicuous package. At first glance, you wouldn't even know that it's actually an electric bicycle. The compact 250W motor, which weighs less than 1.5 kg together with the 1.16 kg battery, is placed very discreetly on the structure.

Compact engine

With maximum assistance, the bike has a range of around 20 kilometers, with minimum assistance up to around 75 kilometers. The manufacturer claims a battery life of approximately 1,500 recharges, and it takes two hours to fully charge. A discreet and easy-to-operate display is located on the handlebars.



Legendary names

hold in your hands a bicycle composed of parts represented by legendary cycling brands: Brooks from UK, Schwalbe tires from Germany, or French Michelin, or Italian Bastia and many others.

Discreet display and 8 speeds

Absolutely easy controllability of the range with the 8-speed SunRace RD81 gearbox and a discreet display on the handlebars.

Pedal assistance

Our pedal assistance is super-easy to manage: whenever you pedal, you get help from the engine, depending on the speed selected (1 to 5). Setting 0 is with no assistance, ie a "normal" bike.

Electric pedal assistance is easy to control. The electric drive in steps from 1 to 5 is based on continuous twisting of the pedals, but a casual, moderate pace is quite sufficient. Of course, the drive can be turned off and even if the engine is turned off and the battery is discharged, you can continue cycling calmly.

Thanks to the light construction, you don't have to put in more effort than when driving a classic bike. Although the electric components on Capri bicycles are designed to ensure the best possible driving characteristics, it is necessary to bear in mind that there are certain objective factors affecting the performance of the battery, namely: the weight and power of the cyclist, the terrain, the degree of assistance, the condition of the tires or outside temperature:

- The weight of the cyclist.

- Power and pedaling power of the cyclist.

- Choice and use of assistance levels.

- Terrain (hills and curbs)).

- Tires (density and pattern of tires).

- Temperature.


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