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AxiSki is a new, exciting product - Ski Bord suitable for different types of terrain and easy to control standing, sitting, prone or lying down. The best-selling snowboard in the US (but we also like the name "Ski bord"...) is becoming more and more popular in European countries. AxiSki is a unique and great idea of a young company from the UK, which breaks down the barriers of classic sledding, and which mainly brings joy to people of all ages. In the AxiSki board, you get a product of uncompromising quality, designed, improved over the years and manufactured in the UK, which will meet all the expectations of family fun in the winter on the hill behind the house, on the mountain slope or in the alpine resort. The decision to "mix things up" was the right one and it's up to you to try it!



Stand or sit on it, lie on your stomach or back. You can also try it with a friend, or even better in a family tandem. AxiSki is perfectly controllable in any position, even in uneven terrain, thanks to the unique design of the slide and its construction.

Our SKI board makes people happy in more than seventeen countries of the world. Pretty decent, right?

AXISKI went through thorough tests and 20 prototypes before it reached you in its present form.

AXISKI brings selfless fun and joy of life to schools as well. Maybe even the one where you used to go.

The beauty of Axiski ski boards lies in their universal use, the main of which is exciting riding while standing and which will not leave you without a smile on your face with perfect experiences as a bonus!

Axiski is designed for active parents with children and anyone looking for outdoor fun and moments of relaxation in frozen winter nature.

The Axiski ski board brings something new, unique and exciting to every terrain in the area!

For every terrain

Snowy hill, slope, or even sand dunes - Axiski is guaranteed fun on any terrain

5 colors

Black, blue, green, pink and orange. Everyone chooses their own!

Do what you want!

Stand up, sit on it, or lie on your stomach or back, even do it in tandem with a friend! Try all positions. Axiski is the perfect ski board for children and adults!

Axiski is bendy and will stay bendy!

During the production process, we pay great attention to the fact that each Axiski reaches you not only in the highest quality of processing, which is also close to unbreakable due to its composite properties.

Our special production technology guarantees Axiski boards their malleability and versatility of bending in order to adapt to the environment and terrain in which you will use them.

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