The Towbox for towing equipment are not so unknown, especially in Western Europe, where this possibility of transporting luggage and animals is very popular. With the growing trend and the number of larger family cars on our roads, it is natural that their owners are looking for a way to expand the capacity of the luggage compartment, or a way to transport their four-legged family members. As an alternative to the roof box, the TowBoxes become a much more practical solution for the user.

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Convenient access to luggage

The openable lid with a low loading edge will facilitate access to the luggage. 4 positions of the extendable mechanism will allow trouble-free operation and access to the trunk of the car

Fuel savings

The installation of the box on the towing device and the position in the lee of the car, where there is no aerodynamic resistance, reduces consumption and at the same time helps the environment

No aerodynamic noise

Since the box is located at the back of the car, the wind has nothing to lean against, so the ride is absolutely undisturbed and quiet. Enjoy every trip with Towbox

No registration required

EU homologation means that the device is ready for use and no additional administration associated with registration is required for the operation of the device



Quick and easy mounting on the towbar  and the position in the rear of the vehicle leads to no aerodynamic force resistance without disturbing noise and therefore no increase in car consumption.

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Pet transport solution


You don't risk scratching the interior of the car, and the subsequent half hour spent vacuuming and washing the trunk can be used more wisely. In addition, the box can also be used to transport other materials, luggage, etc.

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