Thousands of cyclists are injured on the roads every year, and many more escape serious injury only thanks to a better coincidence. However, such an event will in any case leave everyone with feelings of insecurity every time they get into the saddle of a bicycle. If even such an accident with a cyclist occurs, in most cases it is then that "what he, what she" without the possibility of clearly proving the guilt or innocence of the victim. It is only logical that a high-quality video and audio recording will usually clearly prove such facts from the incident.

An important aspect is also the knowledge that since I can be caught on camera, I better think carefully about my behavior and possibly reckless actions towards road users. Of course, this also applies to cyclists and motorcyclists. But let's face it, if it's on the road between a car and a cyclist, we know very well who will come out the loser.

'If you spend as much time cycling on the road as I do, you want to feel safe. The Cycliq video camera clearly increases that feeling of security.'

Caleb Ewan (Mitchelton-Scott)




Every cyclist who has tried recording a ride with a video camera already knows that short periods of time, cumbersome attachment to the bike, or often unshapely dimensions, with other cameras it is simply not so easy to use them on a bike. And none of them have integrated safety lighting. Our rear Fly6 and front Fly12 will change the way you look at cycling video cameras. The cameras represent the professional needs of cyclists riding mainly on the road, and at a reasonable price, they stand out for their robustness and battery life that lasts as long as the rider himself. With more than enough powerful and intense integrated lighting, we have set the imaginary bar high among cycling safety accessories with the Fly6 and Fly12 cameras.

download It is precisely the technology that makes the difference in the context of road safety.

join Designed to protect cyclists. I really appreciate the possibilities offered by Fly12 to the point that I don't want to ride without it.

low tide I love this little thing. It works, every time. After charging, I quickly attach it to the bike and when I want to save the video - it's easy.

anywhere An excellent product that excels in ease of use. As a camera and as security lighting.

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