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A J.Guillem frame is designed to last a lifetime. In fact, it’s designed to last several lifetimes. And we’re so confident in our own high standards of construction, and Titanium’s inherent indestructibility, that we’re prepared to guarantee our frames against defects in materials and workmanship for 100 years.


We only build bikes in Titanium and we have been building Titanium bikes for a number of years. This experience gives us the confidence to guarantee our frames against wear, tear and corrosive defects. For life (not yours, the frame’s.) So if something goes wrong with your frame whilst it’s being ridden in the way it’s supposed to be (whether it’s you riding it in a couple of years, or your as-yet- unborn grandchild) just get in touch. We’ll put things right. You will have to ship it to us (or maybe teleport it) for assessment, but if the problem is ours, under our warranty, we’ll put it right or send you a new frame on us. We’ll also help out if you ruin your frame in a collision incurred whilst riding under normal conditions (see below) replacing it for 50% of the current retail value.