Saris FLUID² trainer Smart equipped

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The fluid-braked trainer with Powertuned technology, which is a mixture of highly realistic resistance during acceleration and a great flywheel system, will allow you to experience an absolutely realistic training. Fluid2 offers a wide range of resistance with progressive loading and a smooth road-like feel.


Fluid resistance.

SMART preparation - Dual Band non-magnetic sensor allows connection to your favorite virtual application

Level wheel pad

The best-selling trainer in the USA.

PowerTuned technology.

Patented cooling system.

Ultra quiet operation.

Progressive loading - greater cadence - greater resistance.

Highly efficient cooling of the resistance unit.

Adjustable stabilizer arms.

Compatible with virtual training apps Zwift, Rouvy, etc.

Possibility to purchase an adapter for a fixed axis of 142 x 12 mm and 148 x 12 mm.

Noise level (32 km/h) 64 - 68 db.

Oil-braked technology.

Resistance/Load Progressive.

Max. casing width 2" (51 mm).

Wheel size 650b, 700c, 26", 27.5", 29".

QR width 120 mm, 130 mm, 135 mm.



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Do you want to train with the virtual application Zwift or Rouvy?

All you need for this trainer is a speed/cadence sensor. This sensor developed for this purpose is included in the package.

"Killer" training combination.

What do you get when you put an external sensor and the best-selling trainer in the US in one box? Training combo ready for your virtual - or non-virtual - trainer ride. An excellent choice for every athlete or cyclist looking for the best price-quality ratio.

Simply attach the sensor to the rear wheel of the bicycle, then attach it to the trainer and...voiláá - you're ready to sweat! You pair the sensor via BT or ANT+ to your favorite application.

You can of course use the sensor with the cycle computer when riding outdoors.


PowerTuned technology is the result of the work of professional cyclists and engineers. It is a mixture of highly realistic acceleration resistance and a great flywheel system, allowing you to experience an absolutely realistic training similar to the one outside on the road.

The technology is optimized so that your resistance curve depends on the speed of the wheels, just like in real life. There is no need to change the load, but simply put a heavier gear on the bike.

The distribution of fluid into the paddle wheel chamber is optimized for the quietest possible operation.

The resistance unit is continuously cooled by a patented air intake system, resulting in a very stable and consistent resistance curve.

A precisely balanced flywheel eliminates "dead weight" and increases inertia.

Produkt video.

Training with a virtual application.

It doesn't matter the time, weather or city traffic jam, with one of the virtual apps you can enjoy driving anywhere and anytime. Simply connect the trainer, put it on and just ride. Share routes with acquaintances and friends and compare yourself with other users, while you are in control of all training data.

In order to achieve the best training experiences, not a single thing has been sacrificed in the Saris trainers. All our models are compatible with all virtual training applications such as Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, and others.

And if you don't own a trainer with "smart" functions, it doesn't matter. You can also connect a classic trainer quickly and easily in a few minutes to your preferred virtual training application with the help of an external ANT+ or Bluetooth sensor.

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