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If you are looking for a proven training aid for improving balance, movement coordination and strengthening the center of the body or your legs, stop by us. WoodBoard balance boards are designed for both adults and children and serve as an aid to diversify training in all movement sports, such as athletics, football, hockey, floorball, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, tennis, handball, combat sports, gymnastics and many others. Their use is diverse, you can exercise at home, in the gym, in the school gymnasium, but also while relaxing in the office.

We thought of everything

The boards have an integrated anti-slip tread surface, treated with varnish and laser-burned decorative structure and logos. In order to preserve the useful weight and rigidity, a thick-walled PVC composite is used for the production of the balance cylinder, which, in combination with the reinforced wooden sides extending into the center of the cylinder, prevent its deformation under a load of up to 130 Kg. 4 anti-slip tapes prevent slipping between the board and the balance cylinder, without which the balancing itself could be dangerous.

What is the point?

Sufficiently strong core muscles help with the mobility, stability and coordination needed to perform everyday activities. These muscle parts have a fundamental impact on performance in more demanding dynamic sports, where they help with power transmission and at the same time significantly reduce the risks of common injuries. Anyone who is serious about sports therefore attaches great importance to the development of the center of the body, whether it is an athlete or his coach.

It is the center of the body and its strengthening that is very important in sports, because in any sport a certain movement comes from the center of the body.

"Core" exercises on the balance board

This tip of balance board training focuses on three basic areas: strength, stability and mobility. Its main goal is to achieve a balance in these three areas, which are so important for the overall health and support function of the body. A good start in this process is to strengthen and activate the pelvic floor muscles.

Strengthening the center of the body with reduced stability is also called FUNCTIONAL TRAINING. The uniqueness of the balance board is also that it simulates the movement characteristic of boards intended for water sports and thus imitates real situations from these sports.

What is it good for?

Balancing becomes a fun and creative way to strengthen the development of balance, legs and the deep stabilizing system of the back.

By strengthening the center of the body, we relieve back pain, improve overall coordination and fitness, reduce the load transferred to the spine and generally improve the feeling needed for sports.

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