If you haven't seen what Titanium looks like in alloy, you might be pleasantly surprised. And you might think it just looks like another in a line of metallic materials, which it really does. But only from a distance. A closer look will reveal its own, unique shade of color. Just as black and white film is not really monochrome, neither is Titan really silver. It has a beautiful and understated sheen with a hint of bronze, something between a sepia and daguerreotype effect.


Titan: try saying it out loud, just without getting too emotional. A word that the ancient Greeks used to call beings from their own mythology and that evokes strength and confidence. And it's also a word that fits the incredibly capable material from which J. Guillem builds its framesets and bikes.


You have an innate desire to touch him. Another surprise is that even in cold conditions you will feel the heat radiating from it. And while it feels really great to touch, it's its natural qualities that you ultimately can't resist.

Titanium is solid. Much stronger than aluminum or carbon. However, it is also light. Much lighter than steel. It is precisely because of these two qualitative properties that it is a basic construction material in the aviation and space industry.

Titanium does not rust; another plus feature for aircraft designers. But even bigger for manufacturers of special diving watches and measuring instruments at depths of several hundred meters below the water surface.

However, even these qualities are only marginal. In combination with aluminum and vanadium (Titanium used in the space industry is designated by batch 3AL/2.5V), this unique metal alloy surpasses itself.

If we take all the right lengths, thicknesses and angles while maintaining perfect welds, the titanium will give the frame the necessary rigidity so much needed to transmit power. In addition, its unique particle structure will provide the highest driving pleasure while perfectly absorbing the unevenness on the road that it brings.



J.Guillem titanium frames will not bend or break; they are like a gift that comes back to you again and again, and at the same time a friend for life. The fact that each frame is covered by a 100-year warranty will certainly contribute to this. But of course you don't have to believe it. All you have to do is try riding one of our bikes.


As a designer, Jan goes deeper into personal experience this time. It comes from a design designed for riders who, like him, seek and want to share a far deeper response. It is truly a personal matter for him, and this fact is also reflected in the name of the company.

His faith in Titanium is unwavering and Jan considers it the best material for making bicycles. This belief of his is as strong as the frameworks he proposes. That's why every design proposal is designed for this unique metal. And that's why it has only one perfectly designed frame for each riding style. Every single J.Guillem bike frame is made to provide the rider with endless hours of fun for a lifetime, literally. The owner receives a 100-year warranty against defects in materials and its processing for every single frame.

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